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Animal Control 
The Humane Society of Sullivan County is available during business hours to pick up contained strays in contracted communities. If you have found a stray, all county residents are welcome to bring it to the shelter. If you have a concern about an animal in the community, give us a call and let us know. When we perform a welfare check, we speak with the owners about animal safety, laws, and offer resources to help if needed. We also observe the living conditions and overall health of the animal. If we cannot get in touch with the owner, we leave a notice for them to call us back and set an appointment to return. If we find any problems, we contact law enforcement to take further steps in ensuring the animal’s welfare.


Trap, Crate, Taxi Rental

The Humane Society of Sullivan County has a limited supply of live traps, air crates and pet taxis available for rent. Whether you are trying to capture a stray cat, need a pet taxi for PetsAlive low cost spay/neuter transport, or want to borrow an air crate for a week until you can get one of your own, we are here to help. Stop by during business hours to rent.


Owner Surrenders

Sometimes situations beyond our control arise and we are no longer able to care for our pets. The Humane Society of Sullivan County is here to help pets find good, permanent homes when their owners can no longer care for them.

If you are no longer able to care for your animal, please contact us at (812) 268-4201 to discuss options.



Stray Intake and Holding

Any stray animal that comes into our shelter is immediately scanned for a microchip. If a microchip is present, the owner is contacted and has until the end of the business day to reclaim their animal. If the animal is not microchipped, we vaccinate and intake the animal into the shelter. We post a photo of the animal on our Facebook page and put the animal on 72-hour stray hold. The owner can reclaim the animal in the first 72 hours for a $45 return to owner fee. The animal will be implanted with a microchip to ensure future identification. If the animal is at the shelter for more than 72 hours, a $10/day boarding fee will be added.  See our pricing schedule for fees.

If the animal is not reclaimed, we will spay/neuter and place the animal up for adoption or find a rescue program to take the animal. Once the animal is altered, a full adoption fee will be charged to reclaim. Once the animal is released to a rescue, it cannot be reclaimed.

Monetary or supply donations help us to care for these animals and are always appreciated.





We believe the key to a more humane community is education. We strive to be a resource where community members can have their questions answered and learn more about animal welfare. We want to break the cycle of overpopulation and abuse by promoting an interest in animals and their welfare and proper care.

Our Humane Education Program provides presentations for school age groups, civic groups and seniors. Topics include: Prevent a Litter, Fix Your Critter: The Importance of Spay and Neuter, Healing Hearts: How to Prevent Heartworm, Community Cats, I Saw the Sign: recognizing body language in dogs; and Don’t Shop, Adopt!

We also welcome field trips! Call to schedule a shelter tour and get an education seminar for your class on site.



Community Pet Pantry

The Humane Society of Sullivan County receives donations from individuals and retailers which help build our “Pet Pantry”. This pantry is available to residents of Sullivan County who need occasional help ensuring their pets are well taken care of. It is also a resource for residents who feed community cats.

In addition, we do accept donations of straw in the winter months to distribute as insulation for dogs who spend time outdoors or those making feral cat houses.

In county ID is required to participate in these programs. The pantry is open during shelter business hours.




Not only does The Humane Society of Sullivan County microchip every animal that enters our doors, we provide this wonderful service to the public as well. Collar tags are great, but can get lost. For just $25, you can ensure your pet has permanent identification. If your pet should go missing and be brought to any animal shelter, veterinary clinic or police station, the animal can be scanned for a chip that will register your contact information so your pet can be reunited with you.

No appointment is necessary, just bring your pets by during business hours or purchase a gift card for a loved one!



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