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We opened our doors in 2009 and have helped over 13,000 lost stray and abandoned animals withing Sullivan County.  Our fees for care have raised substantially since then, but our prices for the public have not.  In order to continue providing care for these animals are prices are raising in 2019.  Here is a brief summary of our  fees.

Surrender Fees for Sullivan County:
Canine: $45.00
Pregnant Canine: $75
Litter of Puppies & Mother: $90

Feline: $40.00
Pregnant Feline: $60
Litter of Kittens & Mother: $60

Adoption Prices
Adult Dogs: $140 Minimum
Puppies 0-9 Months: $190 Minimum
Senior Dogs: 8 Yrs. & Older: $75

Adult Cats: $60 Minimum
Kittens 0-9 months: $75 Minimum

Microchips: $25.00

Return to Owner: 
***Note: Our stray hold policy is 72 hours.  After 72 hours the pet is prepped for surgery and adoption.

All animals brought in by a good samaritan, returned same day as intake free of charge, After initial day, a $45 Return to Owner fee is required. (vaccination record provided upon pickup)

All animals picked up by Animal Control during regular business hours and claimed same day require a $20 Return to Owner fee.

All animals picked up by animal control during regular hours and claimed after initial day require a $45 Return to Owner fee.

All animals picked up by animal control after hours require a $50 Return to Owner fee. This fee covers the cost of after hour employees. After a 24 hour hold these animals will be vaccinated and a vaccination cost of $25 will be added for a total of $75.

All return to owner fees are based on first offense. Charges may double if picked up multiple times within a 12 month period.


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